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    Hello, welcome to visit Dongguan Saiya Rare Earth Industry Co.,Ltd.'s Official website.
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    SY-17 Polishing Powder
    [Application]:The powder is suitable for the ITO glass panel,as well as soft optical Glas polishing.
    [Appearance]:White Powder
    SY-17A Polishing Powder
    [Application]:Fine polishing of mobile phon glass
    [Appearance]:White Powder
    [Chemical Composition]:TREO>95%
    SY-12Polishing Powde
    [Application]:This polishing powder is widely used in lens and lenses,binoculars reticule,low pass filters,etc.
    [Appearance]:red powder
    SY-11D Polishing Powde
    [Application]:The powder is suitable for all kinds lf fine polishing of optical glasses and soft matter (abrasiveness200-400)optical glass polishing with the characteristics of...


    Dongguan Saiya Rare Earth Industry Co.,Ltd.
    Address:Mumian Industrial Zone,Dongshan Village,Qishi Town,Dongguan City
    Tel:+86 769-26985660/22857029
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      Dongguan Saiya Rare Earth Industry Co.,Ltd.is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in the production and application technology development of rare earth polishing materials. The company subordinates two enterprises: Saiya Rare earth Industry Co., Ltd (manufacture base) and SaiYa sales department in Nancheng, Dongguan city. The factory produces the polishing powder from rare earth materials synthesis, roasting, riding, and classification into one systematized process line to strictly control the product quality well. The factory uses the most advanced equipment in domestic , absorbing and training highly qualified staff and management talents. With RE control technology performance developed, the company has integrated the development, production and sale. The company has developed SY series of RE polishing powder by adopting high-tech production……[+more]


    Process principle polishing powder

    Dongguan polishing powder process ...>>more


    Improved use of polishing material

    Because phosphate Chin glass, fused ...>>more

    Technical support

    Professional supplier of polishing material

    Polishing material was thrown for a substance...>>more

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